Become an Instructor

Continue to spread your love and passion for JALLABINA® - Become an Instructor!

Whether you want to work full time or teach classes on the side, the very first step towards becoming an instructor is to join a 2-day JALLABINA® Instructor training. After the training you will have all the tools to teach classes yourself.

Are there any qualifications to be an instructor?

You don’t need any specific knowledge in dance or fitness to attend. It’s open for everyone! You will learn loads over time. But we prefer if you have experience with some sort of dance and have a desire to learn.
What does it cost to bring JALLABINA® to my gym or facility?

Nothing! All they need is a licensed JALLABINA® Instructor (you), a place to give classes and a stereo system.
What happens after the training?

After the training you have 1 month to submit a video where you teach 5 songs to a minimum of 5 students, before you obtain your JALLABINA® license and are allowed to teach classes. Don’t worry we are with you every step of the way!

Upcoming Trainings

There are no upcoming events at this time.