First JALLABINA® Instructor Training!

2016-05-17 | So this happened! Our very first official JALLABINA® Instructor Training took place in Stockholm, Sweden and we had such a blast with these 19 first ever soon-to-be instructors! 2 full days of dance, education, history and a whole lot of laughs. We all agreed that we wanted to stay in the studio and not go home after. The experience gave so much to everyone there. More than we could have ever imagined.

We are good at thanking people on this page haha. But in this case, no one mentioned – no one forgotten. Thank you to EVERYONE that has been a part of everything leading up to these 2 amazing days. And a BIG shout out to our superstars that took part in the training. You are the first in the WORLD! How about that? Good luck with the video test! You will all do amaazingly well, we are sure. And we are here with you every step of the way!

If you missed the opportunity, you are in for a good surprise! Our next training in Stockholm be August 27-28! Registration is already open! Do not miss out!

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Here are some pictures from this week-end’s last class taken by the fabulous Linda Rehlin. To watch the full album, go to our Facebook page Jallabina.