JALLABINA® is our revolutionary pre-choreographed dance fitness workout that fuses all kinds of Middle Eastern music and dance styles with modern day house beats and functional fitness moves.

The mix between upbeat and low tempo sultry Middle Eastern rhythms creates the perfect setting for a balanced workout where cardio and muscle toning movements are combined. But most importantly, IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

Middle Eastern Dance

A great variety of high and low impact moves that improve your cardio, flexibility and also strenghten muscles that are often forgotten.

Functional Fitness

Movements that we use in our everyday life. A way to improve strenght, flexibility and also train big muscle groups at the same time.

Voila! The perfect combination of Oriental dance flavor and fitness!


What people say

“One of the best parts about JALLABINA is that it is marvelous for trimming the waistline and toning up the legs and arms.”

Helene Al Rahi Kuwait City, Kuwait

“You feel happy from start to end. The music, the hip rolls. I just loved it!”

Diana Lahdo Sigtuna, Sweden

“It’s such a great way to share the fun and energy we have in the Middle East!”

Radwa Nabil Alexandria, Egypt

“JALLABINA gives me complete dance hapiness. I love it!”

Vanja Grkovic Stockholm, Sweden

Meet the Creators


Lena Helt – CEO/Creator

Lena has worked as an international Belly Dance teacher and choreographer for the majority of her life and is one of the leading oriental dance pedagogues in Scandinavia. She has taught at some of the biggest Oriental festivals in the world and apart from that, she is also running her own dance studio DanceConnection in Stockholm, Sweden.


Amina El Mallah – CEO/Creator

Amina left a career as a journalist to persue a career in fitness. For the last couple of years she has now worked as an international fitness presenter and taught in countries like Denmark, Iceland, Turkey, Germany, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, USA and many more. Her father is Egyptian and her mother Lena, is Swedish.

Amina & Lena on JALLABINA®.