2020-06-15 | “How far up in the north can I join a Jallabina class?” you might ask. We have many instructors in the north, but the northernmost you will find in Tromsø – a little small town in Norway situated above the arctic circle.

Meet our instructors Line and Vibeke!


When did you become Jallabina instructors?

L & V: We took the training in June 2018.

What’s the best thing about being a Jallabina instructor?

Line: Definately the dance happiness and to share this wonderful workout with others. It’s a great workout, amazing music and we are having loads of fun together. It makes me happy! 

Vibeke: That the participants get so happy! They leave each class with new energy and a big smile.

What makes Jallabina different from other workouts? 

Vibeke: I teach three different dance fitness programs; Zumba with its origin from Latin America, Masala Bhangra with the origin from India and Jallabina from the Middle East. Jallabina feels like the missing piece –  with it’s snake arms, small jumps and shimmies inspired by belly dance. I love the feminine vibes in the concept. It is very good that we use pre choreographed movements, so each participant can follow and add their own flavour once they get a hang of it.

What do you do when you are not teaching classes?

Line: I am an anesthetic nurse woking at the local hospital in Tromsø. In addition, I am a belly dancer and have danced for many years.

Vibeke: I work at the The Arctic University of Norway as Head of Administration for Department of Health and Care Sciences.

Any upcoming classes or events in Tromsø?

Line: We have an event the 20-21 of June called Sommerdans in Tromsø. A weekend filled with different dance classes like Jallabina, Masala Bhangra, Tribal and Belly Dance. It’s open to everyone who loves to dance and it’s a great opportunity to experience beautiful Tromso, the amazing nature and the midnight sun.

Vibeke: We are looking forward to the event and our own Jallabina class every Friday throughout the year. I love Fridays because of it! Every class is a blast!

Learn more about the event here: SOMMARDANS

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