2020-07-14 |  Study & practice JALLABINA® at home this summer and be ready to teach your own classes this fall! Use the code “JallaSummer” to get 20% off on the JALLABINA® Online Instructor Training. This offer is only valid in July, 2020.

Taking this course is your first step towards becoming a licensed JALLABINA® instructor. We will introduce you to the JALLABINA® concept of workout and give you an understanding of how and why Middle Eastern dance styles and fitness is the perfect combination. You will also learn more about the rhythms, music and dance styles from this area and get a simple and basic understanding of physiology and how it is connected to your job as an instructor.
Train and dance at home! The course is divided into 13 chapters with interesting lectures, break downs and a lot of dance alongs. To finish off the training, there is a VIDEO TEST you need to submit. This is mandatory and an important part of the training in order for you to get personal feedback and grow as an instructor.
Once you buy the course, you have access to it for 3 months.

Click here to learn more and to sign up: https://tinyurl.com/JallabinaTraining