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Meet the Creators


Behind JALLABINA® stands mother-daughter duo

 Amina El Mallah and Lena Helt.


AMINA has a background in journalism with many years of experience as a fitness presenter. Before developing JALLABINA , she worked as an international presenter for Zumba Fitness, teaching classes and educating instructors at events and conventions worldwide, including the official Zumba Instructor Convention in USA. Amina holds a fitness certification from SAFE Educations in Sweden.

LENA lived in Egypt for 12 years before becoming an international Belly Dance & Middle Eastern folklore teacher and choreographer. She has taught at some of the biggest oriental dance festivals in the world and is considered one of the leading oriental dance pedagogues in Scandinavia. Lena is our expert in Middle Eastern dance and culture.

"Me and mom always had the intention of doing something together that would fuse our expertice and experiences. We saw a huge demand for a fitness program with the base in the Middle Eastern styles and music so we began putting together a thought through, professional workout that WE would love to attend and teach. And so, in 2016, JALLABINA® was born.


I'm so proud of Jallabina and our strong community. The program not only gets people all over the world to improve their health in a safe setting, but it also empowers women and show a positive and different side of the Middle East."

-  Amina El Mallah, creator


Jallabina though the years