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JAllabina Workout

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JALLABINA® is a pre-choreographed dance workout that fuses all kinds of Middle Eastern music and dance styles with fitness. We have gathered the best moves from the Middle Eastern culture, such as Belly Dance, Dabke and Khaleeji, and developed it into a fun, easy and effective workout that everyone; experienced dancers as well as beginners will enjoy.

Within Middle Eastern dance styles, there is a great variety. Some styles consist of jumps and high intense moves that are great to train cardio, while others are slower, focusing on muscle work, flexibility and smoothness. Combined with fitness, JALLABINA® becomes a very balanced workout that targets almost every muscle group in your body. Each one-hour class consists of two blocks. That way you can completely lose yourself in the music, but still get a breather halfway through.

JALLABINA® is taught in 14 countries throughout Europe, Australia and in the Middle East our instructors teach classes in gyms, dance studios, schools and workplaces. Find a class near you!

JAllabina Workout TRailer

Become an Instructor


Become an Instructor

Whether you want to work full time or teach classes on the side, the very first step towards becoming a licensed instructor is to join a JALLABINA® Instructor training (online) that includes both theory and practice. After the training you need to send in a video test where you teach a few songs before you get your license.

Finalizing the training and becoming a licensed JALLABINA® instructor is the beginning of a new exciting journey and we support our instructors every step of

the way. As a licensed instructor, you pay a

monthly license fee (30 ‎€) and get:

  • To teach as many classes/events as you want

  • Access to your own portal with courses, choreos etc.

  • New blocks and materials every 4 months

  • Free marketing materials

  • Discount in the Jallabina Shop (10%)

  • Monthly instructor meetings via Zoom

  • Free Jallabina classes with the creators via Zoom

  • To attend our yearly instructor event Jallabina Day

  • To be apart of the community on Facebook etc.

  • Jallabina Adventure special deals

Take the Jallabina instructor training ONLINE!
The course is pre-recorded so that you can study on your computer, ipad or phone wherever you are and whenever it suits you!



Are there any qualifications to be an instructor?

You don’t need any specific knowledge in dance or fitness to attend. It’s open for everyone! You will learn loads over time. But we prefer if you have experience with some sort of dance and have a desire to learn.

What does it cost to bring JALLABINA® to my gym or facility?

Nothing! All they need is a licensed JALLABINA® Instructor (you), a place to give classes and a stereo system.

What happens after the training?

After the training you have 1 month to submit a video where you teach a few songs, before you obtain your JALLABINA® license and are allowed to teach classes. Don’t worry we are with you every step of the way!

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